The Importance of Winter Pier Storage

During the winter, it is important to properly store your pier as to not damage it for future use. Pier Perfection prides itself in informing its customers of proper pier storage and has movers available for pier adjustments and storage. When the weather gets colder, some piers and decks can stay out on frozen lakes, while others are best moved in for storage. Luckily, Pier Perfection offers spring installs and fall removals of docks and piers that were purchased from us – so you don’t have to worry about it.

Removing your Dock

To properly remove your dock, you need to know how your dock comes apart. There are multiple styles of piers and docks including roll-in, sectional, and floating. The repeated expansion and contraction of ice as it forms, melts, and freezes can exert enough pressure to warp and ruin your dock, and even destroy it. Some people choose to purchase a deicer that can help with this because it pushes warmer water up from the depths and breaks up ice before it can form.

Proper Storage

Proper dock, pier, and boatlift storage is pertinent in keeping your lake accessories in their best condition. If you do not wrap and store your items out of mildewy and waterlogged areas, it can damage the interior and exterior of the equipment. When storing your pier and dock, keep it in a dry area that is out of the way from the elements – such as a shed. You can also store your boat lift and boat in a marina for safe keeping and winter maintenance.

Winterizing your Boat

Clean and dissemble your boat accessories for the best storage environment. Make sure that the boat is dry and without mildew. It is a good idea to get a boat cover to avoid any potential marks and spots, or exposure to the elements. Some people do keep their boat in all year long by using a deicer but to keep your boat in the best condition, storing it at a marina has its perks.

Pier Perfection wants their customers to get the most life out of their pier, docks, boatlifts, and other lake equipment. That is why we go over the steps of properly storing your items for the colder months. If you have any questions about how to remove and store your dock or boatlift, contact Pier Perfection today.