Why Should You Get a ShoreStation Dock System?

Anyone who is a proud owner of a ShoreStation dock system can tell you how beneficial it can be to have one on the water of your lakefront. A time-tested brand that provides a variety of benefits to the owner, ShoreStation is one of the top brands available that homeowners can count on to provide them with a great lake life experience. That is why Pier Perfection offers ShoreStation as an option to anyone on a waterfront in our area.

Through simple but effective designs, ShoreStation gives every customer the perfect match for their beach to help them enjoy it to the fullest.

Match any space

Depending on the size or shape of your waterfront, you may not be capable of simply installating a dock that runs straight out from the ground. ShoreStation’s virtually endless layout options, due to its nature as a dependable sectional dock, allows it to be shaped by you to find the best dock design that works for what you need. Whether you have multiple craft that need their own sections for loading and unloading, a seating area to relax on the water, or any other setup, ShoreStation provides the dock you need.

You can also match your waterfront when choosing the material that your dock is made from. Whether you want the standard look with gray aluminum or you are interested in a more traditional look with galvanized steel that is designed to look like wood, our team can help you out.

Customized for you

ShoreStation not only allows for custom docks to be placed in the water, but also provides a variety of accessories for them that help them provide everything the owner could want with their time spent on the water. Some of these accessories include dock ladders, dock benches, swivel chairs, LED capped dock bumpers, and more.

Built to last

ShoreStation builds every aluminum dock system with the intention of it last for years to come. The sections are simple to put together and take apart, allowing you to safely store your dock each winter and just as quickly put it back together to enjoy next years’ summer.

ShoreStation is one of the brands that Pier Perfection carries because it is a well-known name in the docking businesses due to its versatility, easy-of-use, and professional quality. Find your own ShoreStation dock system with us and start a plan to get it in the water!