What to Buy when Looking for Lake Accessories

Pier Perfection is a proud supplier of the latest lake accessories, boat lifts, and docks! We are located in Cassopolis, Michigan and serve Diamond Lake, as well as surrounding lakes. Pier Perfection is nestled close to multiple marinas and lakefront options for our customers waterfront needs. Our qualified, insured, and experienced crew can handle installations, removals, sales, and repairs of boat lifts and docks.

What Do I Need for My Lakefront?

What you need for your lakefront depends on what you plan on doing with it. If you are an avid boater, it is important to have a proper dock and boat lift set up for boat storage. At Pier Perfection, we offer multiple boat lifts options for your convenience, such as free-standing, permanent, winch-driven, solar powered, and canopy options. Our vendors are well-known, quality suppliers that accommodate every type of boat and jet ski lift – we offer Shore Station, Wave Armor, and Floe International.

Not sure what you are looking for or the design you desire? With Floe International, you can design your own boat lift and dock before you buy it. This lets you plan out your lakefront prior to its arrival. Wave Armor is also a great option for custom dock and pier designs. We understand that every shoreline is different and that is why at Pier Perfection we give our customers multiple design and installation options.

What Lake Accessories Do You Sell?

Pier Perfection is your central source for your dock, pier, and boat lift necessities. To keep your lake bottom clear of muck and weeds, we sell hydro sweeps and weed rollers. We also sell a wide variety of accessories including:

  • Roto molded bearproof coolers from Wave Armor
  • Solar powered LED dock/pier lights by Lake Lite
  • Upgraded boat lift motors by Lift Tech and solar kits by Lake Lite
  • Ladders, stairs, and benches for piers/docks
  • Collapsible sand bar anchors with tabletop and umbrella attachments
  • Batteries by Deka Marine
  • Pier/dock bumpers
  • Water slides
  • Swim rafts/islands
  • Pier and boat lift storage containers
  • Floating roll-up mats/pads


Every shoreline and lakefront are different. That is why at Pier Perfection we provide you with everything you need to know about your unique waterfront needs. If you are looking for a dock, pier, boat lift, jet ski lift, or additional lake accessories – reach out to us today and we will be happy to help! You can call us at 269-233-2222 or use our webform.