Prevent Damage with Motor and Bow Stops for Your ShoreStation Boat Lift

Even experienced boaters can benefit from motor and bow stops on their boatlifts. These stops will help to prevent damage to your boat as you’re parking your boat or personal watercraft. With a number of styles and materials available, the experts at Pier Perfection can help you find the right motor and bow stops for your ShoreStation boat lift.

While motor and bow stops are a great way to prevent damage to your boat or personal watercraft, it is important to note that these addons are not intended to protect against continuous collisions with your boat. These stops are not guide-ons that protect and direct your boat into your boat lift as you are parking. Instead, motor and bow stops are the final line of defense to protect your boat against severe damage. If you are in an area with frequent waves and high winds or are not comfortable getting your boat into your ShoreStation boatlift, you should be sure to have guide-on system installed, as well as the stops.

Bow stops are great for boats with a V-hull. They stop drivers from pulling their boat too far into the boat lift. Whether your boat is an inboard, inboard/outboard, or outboard, bow stops can help prevent severe damage for most boats (not including pontoons). If you have a pontoon boat, motor stops offer the protection you need.

Do not hesitate to contact Pier Perfection for all of your ShoreStation boat lift needs, including information about guide-ons and motor and bow stops. We will work with you to determine not only what type of boat lift will work best for your needs, but also what kind of addons you may need to protect your boat, and yourself, from damage.