Lake Accessories and Services


At Pier Perfection, we seek to provide just that, through our lake accessories, dock designs, and installation services available in our streamlined shop for superior convenience available for our customers. We offer multiple custom design options, installation services, removal, sales, and repairs for boats lifts and docks. With our experienced crew, we complete new installations in two hours or less, making our reputation and quality speak for us.

Lake Accessories

Some accessories we offer through our single source store are solar powered LED dock and pier lights, upgraded boat lift motors, ladders, stairs, and benches for piers and docks, collapsible sand bar anchors with tabletop and umbrella attachments, batteries, pier and dock bumpers, waters slides, swim rafts or islands, pier and boat lift storage containers, and floating roll-up mats. In addition to these accessories, we offer Hydrosweep and Weedroller to get rid of those problem weeds and muck for a safer, more enjoyable lake bottom. We also provide roto molded bearproof coolers, so you can hop off that boat and enjoy your food in the wilderness of your choice without the smell leaking through to attract those pesky bears. Pier Perfection works with you through the purchasing process to installation and removal, so you know you are getting the best services and premium gear for your lake outings!


Pier Perfection provides custom design, installation, removal, sales, and repairs of boat lifts and lake docks – though we only service customers who purchased docks and piers from us! Our service radius tends to stay within 30 minutes of our facility; however, we will service those outside of it in their first year to make sure that everything is working smoothly for our new customer.

For our piers and docks, we will deliver hardware to your water’s edge and do all the assembly on your property. We then carefully install each section to create a level pier system. For our boat lifts, we also come directly to your water’s edge, unless the assembly is required prior and then we will do it on one of our workboats. For removal, we have a one-of-a-kind barge that will easily remove your lift using hydraulics. If we did not install your boat lift, you will need to let us know so that we can determine if we can remove it properly for you. We also have midsummer repairs available for your convenience.

Pick Pier Perfection and let us make you a priority! Contact us for your boating and dock needs.