Hydraulic Shorestation Boat Lifts for Kalamazoo Mariners

Shorestation boat lifts are renowned for their quality and reliability throughout both Kalamazoo and the greater Midwest. Since 1959, Shorestation has been constantly iterating on their design and delivering some of the best boat lifts on the market. Shorestation’s two primary hydraulic boat lift designs—the permanent and free floating—are regarded by many as the premier boat lifts for both quality and cost efficiency. However, making the decision to purchase one can feel like quite a step if you (like many) are used to mechanical boat lifts. That’s why we’re taking today’s blog post to discuss the advantages of hydraulic boat lifts and whether you should buy one.

Advantages of Shorestation Hydraulic Boat Lifts

Shorestation hydraulic boat lifts are the premier choice for luxury boaters everywhere. Shorestation hydraulic designs vastly outperform traditional cable-wound competitors in not only their raising speed, but their also their silence. Though systems as advanced as hydraulics might outwardly seem like they’d be the noisier choice, you’d be surprised at how silent they are. In reality, mechanical systems are much louder.

If you’ve had a mechanical boat lift or have seen one in action, then you’re probably familiar with the consistent cranking sound that accompanies every turn of the wheel. By contrast, Shorestation hydraulic boat lifts are nearly silent. Moreover, Shorestation hydraulic boat lifts come with:

  • 2 Key FOB Remotes
  • Solar Panel Charging
  • Boat lifting/lowering rates up to 96” per minute
  • Overwinding/Unspooling-proof design

Should You Buy a Hydraulic Boat Lift?

Even with all of the unique strengths of a hydraulic boat lift listed, that doesn’t answer the question: should you buy a hydraulic boat lift? Well, that depends on your needs and what you want out of a boat lift.

One on hand, mechanical boat lifts are generally less expensive than hydraulic boat lifts. Additionally, something about being able to directly lift or lower your boat with your own hands has a feeling of control that an increasingly modernized world doesn’t offer as much as it used to.

On the other hand, always having to manually raise and lower your boat can quickly become a tedious, frustrating process that puts just as much stress on your elbow as it does on your mood. If you believe that boating should be a relatively stress-free process, then a hydraulic boat lift may be the right choice for you.

Though the choice to purchase a mechanical boat lift or a hydraulic boat lift will ultimately vary based on the individual, we hope that this blog post has proven insightful for those unsure of the benefits a hydraulic boat lift can offer. To get your own Shorestation hydraulic boat lift installed today (or when it warms up a little!) contact our team at Pier Perfection today for more information.