3 Benefits of Aluminum Docks

When most people think of a dock, the image of a creaky old wooden dock comes to mind. After all, wooden docks have been the status quo for thousands of years—and there are good reasons for it. In the past, wood was the most lightweight yet durable material that could hold up against water damage and was mass harvestable.

However, wooden docks have their own drawbacks. Wooden docks soak in water, splinter and break, warp over time, and frequently require maintenance and replacement. Luckily, we have more dock options today than ever before.

Here at Pier Perfection, we believe there’s a better way. That’s why we and our customers both prefer aluminum docks. Thanks to their durability, easy maneuvering, and low-maintenance, aluminum docks are some of the best docks money can (affordably) buy.

In this month’s blog post, we’re discussing the three main benefits of aluminum docks.

1. Aluminum Docks are Rust-Resistant and Overall Durable

While some folks fear that their aluminum dock will quickly rust, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Because aluminum doesn’t contain any iron, it’s not susceptible to rust, regardless of how long it’s in the water. In fact, if you’ve seen rust on aluminum, it’s likely because a nearby metal that does contain iron has rusted, causing it to stain the aluminum as the waves move the rust around. Don’t worry, though—this rust is only cosmetic on aluminum components and can quickly be removed with cleaning vinegar.

In addition to their rust resistance, aluminum docks are also much more durable than wooden docks. Where wooden docks generally only last 10 to 15 years, aluminum docks will last you 30-50.

2. Aluminum Docks are Lightweight and Easy to Move

Given how reliable and long-lasting aluminum docks are, you might be concerned about how heavy they are. However, you may be surprised how lightweight they truly are. Despite its shocking strength, aluminum is actually one of the lightest metals in the world. As a result, aluminum docks have a comparable weight to wooden docks. On that some note, you’ll find that aluminum docks are surprisingly easy to move and assemble in the water.

3. Aluminum Docks are Low-Maintenance and Low-Stress

Unlike wooden docks, which call for near-constant replacement of wooden planks, aluminum docks will give you no such trouble. Unlike wood, water doesn’t soak in and warp aluminum docks over time. Instead, your main concern will just be with cleaning the dock of grime every once in a while. To do so, we recommend occasionally inspecting your aluminum dock and cleaning it with a mild detergent. Over time, this can prevent mineral build up and increase the longevity of your aluminum dock to the 50-year mark.

With all these benefits at a surprisingly affordable cost, it’s no surprise that people increasingly prefer aluminum docks. To get your own aluminum dock installed for the Michigan summer, act fast and contact our team at Pier Perfection today. A summer of warmth on the water awaits!